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Planning a Party?

The three biggest fears when planning a party are

1. Will your guests enjoy the wine

Well we have supplied lots and lots of local functions and weddings and received many compliments about the wines we supplied. We are very happy to make suggestions to you and allow you to sample the wines we suggest before you commit to buying them.

2. Will there be enough wine?

No one likes a 'dry do' so we are always happy to supply you on a 'Sale or Return' basis. All we ask is that any unused bottles are returned unopened with undamaged labels. We can even offer free glass hire when you order the wines from us.

3. Can I get a good deal on the wines

We have a very extensive range of wines and for parties we can offer some very competitive discounts so not only will you get great wines not found in the supermarkets but also we wont break the bank. Dont forget delivery is free locally.

To find out more simply give me a call on 01430 430 006 or drop me an email to sean@flourish-and-prosper.com